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How to Prepare Your Boat for Spring

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Spring is arriving, and with it comes an exciting time for boat owners: the opportunity to get the boat back on the water for the first time since fall. But you can’t just take the boat out on the water immediately. You need to take care of a lot of maintenance first before it’s ready to go. While no two boats are the same, there are three principles that you should remember when getting ready for taking your boat back on the water: clean, test, and inspect.


Unless you keep your boat covered in an enclosed garage and continue to clean it off during the winter season (not likely), your boat needs a serious cleaning. But that doesn’t mean only cleaning off the dirt and grime on the exterior. A serious cleaning inside and out ensures that your boat will run smoothly.


Before taking your first ride, you also need to make sure that every mechanical part is in working order. Make sure that all of the electric systems are working, the engine and fuel systems are functioning properly, and the motor is running.


Testing and cleaning will take care of much of the maintenance, but you still need to inspect the rest of the boat, such as any lights, filters, wiring, and other parts that aren’t as obvious as the motor or sails. Check the levels of the important fluids and make sure that you have all of the necessary safety instruments. You should also make sure that you have any other equipment that is required by your local laws and regulations.

There is much more to it than just what’s mentioned here. Creating a checklist or asking a friend for theirs can help you make sure that you’ve taken care of everything before using your boat for the first time. But if you are a relatively new boat owner, a professional clean and maintenance on your boat might be the best option to make sure it will be perfectly ready for the early weeks of spring. Town & Country Marine has many service packages to take care of everything from exterior cleaning to tune ups and inspections.

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